Why Enterprises Need Augmented Reality Technical Support

Unplanned outages of critical business systems and equipment can have far-reaching effects on enterprise operations. Production schedules can be scrambled. Revenue targets may be missed. In extreme cases, entire shop floor crews might be sent home for lack of anything to do until the equipment is returned to service.

For providers of that equipment, an outage like this often means a frantic call to the technical support team. Customers can’t wait for a field service technician to show up next Wednesday – they need that equipment back in operation NOW.

Even planned maintenance can result in requests for remote technical support. For turnkey systems, where the customer is expected to perform all routine maintenance, the customer’s technicians might need some help with an issue they haven’t seen before or may just need some guidance on an unfamiliar procedure. In either case, customers rely on the technical support team to provide the best possible support to get their mission-critical systems back in operation as quickly as possible.

To provide this level of service, technical support teams are leveraging an augmented reality remote assistance solution.

Augmented Reality in Technical Support

An augmented reality solution for technical support enables technicians to see what the customer sees, by means of a video stream from the customer’s mobile device. This approach prevents delays and incorrect actions caused by miscommunication. 

Further, customers can get step-by-step procedural instructions and diagrams overlaid on the screen when viewing the equipment, making the maintenance or repair procedure crystal clear and, again, reducing delays caused by misunderstanding of the instructions. These features of an augmented reality technical support system—“see what I see” and enhanced instructions—not only increase the chances for a first-time, one-call fix, it is changing the way enterprises do business. Here’s why:

  • Best-in-class technical support is a major selling point for many potential customers. They want to know that if and when they need help with products they purchase, a technical support team will be there for them and will provide the right solution the first time, every time. Many enterprises today using remote expert augmented reality solutions prove increased service levels and thereby increased conversions.
  • Accomplish more with fewer resources. An augmented reality solution for technical support can reduce the number of field service site visits, meaning fewer field service technicians are needed. Field service technicians will also require lower skill levels, saving enterprises money.
  • Coupled with sensors deployed with equipment at customer sites, it is possible to obtain real-time operational data that helps teams diagnose problems, identify trends that could disrupt operations, and improve product uptime and performance.

Augmented Reality’s Time Has Come

Good technical support keeps customers happy. An augmented reality approach enables enterprise field service personnel to solve critical problems effectively and efficiently, thereby increasing equipment uptime and production yield.

Large enterprises in industries such as Oil & Gas, Printing and Telecom are turning to augmented reality solutions to enhance their customer support offerings because they know that simply showing product quality and competitive pricing is no longer sufficient. They know that the quality and reputation of technical support teams can often mean the difference between making and losing a sale.

Given the competitive advantages of superior technical support, enterprises cannot afford to be second-best. Augmented reality technical support solutions are an absolute must for enterprises today and can help them gain a competitive edge.

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