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Nine Key Considerations for Selecting Your Field Services Collaboration Solution

Digitalization of field service organizations is not a trivial process and requires a deep understanding of use cases and processes, innovative technologies, existing solutions and future trends. Operation managers and COO’s should take a long-term approach when selecting technology solutions to support this transformation. Field service organizations must ensure that their investment is preserved as the market and technology continue to evolve in the future.

Many service organizations have already implemented Field Service Management systems, including job scheduling, dynamic management of spare parts and access to knowledge databases. While these systems provide important functionality and help improve efficiency, they still don’t cover the most important part of field services – how the actual job is done on site. New technologies – such as smart glasses, augmented reality, industrial IoT, and artificial intelligence – will dramatically change the way field service organizations operate. These changes will not only affect internal service structures, but will also impact how support and technical services are delivered to customers, while at the same time enabling new service revenues.

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