Mekorot Success Story

Guaranteeing the safe and reliable delivery of drinking water. Fieldbit perfects field repair services for Israel’s national water utility.

“Fieldbit streamlines the maintenance of facilities for water production, delivery, and quality and allows for faster problem diagnosis, reduced equipment downtime, and expedited training of new technicians.”

Yossi Yaacoby, Director of WaTech® Division, Mekorot



Approximately 80% of Israel’s drinking water is derived from desalination, a process that removes minerals from saline water, converting saltwater into “sweet water” that’s useable for drinking, farming, and washing. Water is delivered from desalination facilities directly to households, businesses and farms just three hours after it is extracted from the sea. The equipment required to accomplish this enormous, non-stop task is expansive, complex, and myriad. Any malfunctions can directly impact water consumers’ health.

As the nation’s water supplier, Mekorot services approximately eight million people daily – the entire Israeli population. It is critical that the company keep its equipment running at peak performance, 24/7.

Fieldbit has been instrumental in improving first time fix rates of Mekorot’s highly complex and wide assortment of machineries, quickening fix times, streamlining maintenance and training procedures, and ultimately ensuring the safety and reliability of Mekorot’s daily 4 milion cubic output water supply.


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