Implementation Services

Fieldbit’s innovative products revolutionize the way field service organizations work. To help customers maximize benefits and ease adoption of this game-changing technology, Fieldbit offers a set of well-defined implementation services. In addition, we work with professional partners that offer change management consultancy and integration services, as needed.

Based on our proven methodology, Fieldbit offers an on-site workshop and tailored implementation services to help customers set up the most effective workflows and processes for optimal utilization of the Fieldbit system. By combining our own best practices with each customer's specific domain knowledge, Fieldbit implementation services provide additional value beyond the actual software installation.

Each implementation begins with a study phase, during which a Fieldbit expert meets with the customer's relevant managers, trainers, experts, technicians and field engineers. Together, the parties discuss and analyze the existing working procedures and requirements for implementing augmented reality and smart glasses within the customer's organization.

After collecting all relevant information, Fieldbit prepares a summary document that provides recommendations and describes how to best implement the system.

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