Pick Knowledge

On-job knowledge management

Fieldbit Knowledge is a powerful knowledge retention module that captures practical knowledge created during the service process, stores it in a dedicated library and shares it across the organization and with end users.

Fieldbit Knowledge objects are created organically while an authorized expert is guiding a remote technician or user through a required maintenance or repair procedure. Using Fieldbit Hero, the expert can copy visual records (e.g. Augmented Reality instructions, documents and diagrams) from Fieldbit tickets into knowledge snippets - or record videos with annotations - and save these objects in dedicated knowledge libraries. 

These knowledge libraries can be searched, shared and reused by different sub-organizations and user groups. Field personnel and authorized end users can access these libraries through their mobile devices.  Moreover, users can download entire libraries or selected objects to their mobile devices for offline use in areas without internet connectivity.  

Fieldbit Knowledge helps utilities and other organizations overcome the challenges of an aging workforce by enabling complete knowledge capture of field service procedures. This allows organizations to preserve, organize and share the best practices and practical field services knowledge of its most experienced experts, engineers and technicians. 


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