Fieldbit Cosmic

Fieldbit Cosmic is an enterprise-grade software engine that lets you extend Fieldbit Hero functionality by connecting it to other systems within your organization. These include knowledge base back-office systems (e.g., ERP, CRM), control systems (SCADA, PLCs) installed on your production floor, or other equipment.

Equipment manufacturers handle a wide variety of customer requests and service calls in their call centers. All of these tickets need to be correlated and stored in a single central repository for quick retrieval by service representatives. Fieldbit Cosmic adds the "last mile" to your service cloud by letting you easily integrate Fieldbit Hero service tickets within your IT environment.

Fieldbit Cosmic is a Software Development (SDK) and API that provides equipment manufacturers with all the tools they need to build an interface from Fieldbit Hero to any off-the-shelf or proprietary system.

Why Fieldbit Cosmic?


Easy, straightforward integration with your back-office systems

No need to duplicate your service ticket system to accommodate Fieldbit Hero

Preserve your existing CRM/ERP system investment

Enhance adoption and user buy-in within the organization


How It Works

Here's a common sample scenario demonstrating the flow between an equipment manufacturer's CRM system and Fieldbit using the Cosmic API:


Customer calls the service center with a problem and a ticket is opened in the manufacturer's CRM system


Expert speaks to customer in order to understand the nature of the problem


Expert sends technician to the customer and activates Fieldbit Hero from within the CRM system


Exchange of real-time augmented reality (AR) information with the technician


Fieldbit Hero session is closed


All session information including AR annotations are stored and updated in the CRM system.