Enterprise Solution

Fieldbit's real-time augmented reality and knowledge capture solution for field services is built to meet the rigorous demands of large-scale enterprise service organizations. Deployed worldwide, Fieldbit's software platform offers uncompromising security features, advanced user management and seamless integration with other enterprise systems.

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Fieldbit Hero

Fieldbit Hero is an end-to-end interactive visual collaboration platform for field services. Hands-free, real-time augmented reality interactions between experts and field technicians boost first time fix rates and increase customer satisfaction.

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Fieldbit Knowledge

Fieldbit Knowledge is a powerful knowledge retention module that allows organizations to capture, preserve and share the best practices and practical field services knowledge of its most experienced experts, engineers and technicians.

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Fieldbit Cosmic

Fieldbit Cosmic lets manufacturers augment real time data from equipment or control systems with visual information using Fieldbit's SDK and APIs, as well as integrating Fieldbit Hero with back-office knowledge base systems.

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Implementation Services

Our tailored implementation services help customers maximize benefits from their technology investment. Our experienced implementation experts help you build optimal workflows that ensure smooth adoption within your environment.

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Data Security Compliance

As a trusted vendor for leading industrial organizations, Fieldbit adheres to the highest information security and data protection standards. We implement security “by design,” offering a rich set of features that help organizations protect data privacy and comply with GDPR, HIPAA and other IT security requirements.


ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification ensures that Fieldbit's information security architecture and management processes comply with internationally-recognized security standards.


Fieldbit helps IT managers comply with GDPR requirements by providing the tools to manage and protect personal data against unauthorized processing, access, deletion or alteration.


Fieldbit is HIPAA certified and takes all necessary measures to protect the privacy of personal information, medical and data records.