Augmented Reality in Printing Sector

Fieldbit augmented reality services manufacturers of printing and converting systems gain a competitive edge by minimizing system downtime, improving customer support efficiency, maximizing recurring revenue generation and enhancing customer satisfaction.


In this hyper-competitive market, print houses fight for every customer and manufacturers of printing presses are always looking for the next competitive edge. More often than not, service is the determining factor for choosing a printing system.

When it comes to driving revenues, customer satisfaction is key. Since each print house has multiple machines, the printing system with the highest productivity and best service gets used the most. What's more, your recurring revenues are dependent on system usage (per page for digital printing), as well as sales of consumables and CRUs. If your machine is down you're losing money. This places a premium on fast response and remote resolution of faults, since downtime has a direct impact on your revenues.

Augmented Reality Solutions

Fieldbit augmented reality services for is being used by printing system manufacturers worldwide helps to improve first time fix and remote resolution rates. In many cases, real-time visual collaboration lets end users resolve basic problems without expensive field visits. This minimizes downtime and makes sure your printing systems continue to generate revenues.In addition, Fieldbit enterprise augmented reality enables your service organization to move from a breakdown maintenance model to a preventive maintenance model. This allows your customers to choose convenient maintenance times without affecting production, while letting you better plan maintenance activities, optimize technician scheduling and save costs.


  • Improved remote resolution rates help you prevent downtime
  • Better service means higher level of customer satisfaction
  • Higher revenues from increased usage and sales of CRUs

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