Augmented Reality for Medical Device Manufacturers

Fieldbit augmented reality services enables manufacturers of medical equipment to achieve the highest uptime levels, ensuring compliance with SLAs and boosting revenues from consumables and reagents.


The medical equipment industry is highly sensitive to uptime. In fact, business models are built upon maintaining a high level of service. Beyond the initial equipment purchase, recurring revenues (which comprise a large portion of total revenues) come from ongoing sales of consumables and reagents. The more the machine is used, the greater the manufacturer's revenues from these sales. In addition, government-affiliated hospitals and clinics enforce strict uptime SLAs for all purchased equipment. Not only are manufacturers fined for not meeting these SLAs, such violations will disqualify them from participating in the next tender.

In laboratories, setup and maintenance of medical systems are handled by application engineers with an academic degree in chemistry. Commonly, a technician is sent to the customer site for repair or maintenance, and only upon arrival realizes that handling the problem requires the specialized knowledge of an application engineer based at headquarters. This can result in unnecessary delays and potential downtime.

Augmented Reality Solutions

Fieldbit augmented reality services for medical device manufacturers makes it easy for your field technicians to get remote expert guidance from an application engineer in order to fix complex medical equipment. Using smart glasses or a smartphone for medical equipment repair and maintenance, the technician can share live video of the equipment with the application engineer. The engineer diagnoses the problem and then sends precise visual instructions back to the field technician within minutes using augmented reality and other techniques. Fieldbit helps you improve first time fix rates by allowing repair technicians to collaborate in real time with application engineers.


  • Maximize uptime for increased revenues and SLA compliance
  • Improve first time fix rates through efficient collaboration with application engineers
  • Give your application engineers more time to work on non-maintenance tasks

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