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Fieldbit improves remote diagnostics and resolution of mechanical failures through real-time visual collaboration between field technicians and remote experts, helping you prevent costly downtime and eliminate unnecessary field visits.


You receive a call from your customer in Brazil telling you that your million dollar rubber processing machine is down. Your expert at HQ speaks to the customer's on-site technician in order to diagnose the problem. The technician is new and has never dealt with that type of machine before. Not only that, his English is poor which makes it even harder to communicate verbally. The customer explains that the entire production line will grind to a halt if the rubber processing machine isn't fixed right away. You put your expert on the next flight to Rio, he arrives at the plant the next day, and immediately realizes that the diagnosis was inaccurate. Within 10 minutes the problem is fixed - at a huge cost to your organization.

On the other hand, many machinery fixes are complex and require in-depth knowledge of multiple disciplines including robotics, mechanics, pneumatics and electronics. Moreover, as these machines are often customized, field technicians sent to a site are not always familiar with the machine in question and often require expert assistance.


While most complex machines come with remote monitoring and control tools, these tools are not equipped to remotely repair mechanical problems (e.g. broken pump). To handle such a fix, you need someone on the ground. Fieldbit lets customer personnel transmit live video from the machine, eliminating misunderstandings. In the case of a simple issue, you can remotely guide the customer through the fix. If you need to send a field technician, your service center experts familiar with the particular machine can use real-time augmented reality and other tools to provide over-the-shoulder coaching for the technician handling the fix. In this way, Fieldbit brings all the knowledge and experience of your foremost expert at HQ to your customer's site, without the cost of a plane ticket.


  • Reduce machine downtime that can paralyze an entire production line
  • Improve remote resolution rates for increased customer satisfaction
  • Create better diagnostics and eliminate unnecessary field visits

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