Global industrial companies with remote production facilities use Fieldbit to maximize machine uptime, improve on-site technician productivity and reduce operational costs.


Large manufacturing companies serving international markets typically operate dozens or even hundreds of production facilities in remote locations around the world. These factories house many different types of expensive and complex machinery. Machine uptime is critical to keeping production operations online, as a single failure can often impact the entire production process.

Servicing these machines is difficult, as on-site technicians are primarily local hires and less knowledgeable than their counterparts at headquarters. When a problem is encountered, more often than not local technicians require assistance from experts familiar with the particular machine. Communicating the problem to the expert at headquarters is often a problem in itself due to language barriers. Downtime is not an option - you need a way to fix the problem fast and avoid the cost of flying out an expert from headquarters.


Fieldbit allows your on-site technicians to collaborate in real time with experts at headquarters. The remote expert sees what the field engineer sees, ensuring an accurate diagnosis. Wearing "hands-free" smart glasses or using a smartphone, the technician then receives precise and easy-to-understand visual guidance from the expert while working on the machine. By giving on-site technicians access to the company's entire vault of technical knowledge in their moment of need, Fieldbit lets you improve remote resolution rates and reduce the number of expensive site visits.


  • Maximize uptime of manufacturing processes
  • Reduce operational costs through higher remote resolution rates
  • Create better diagnostics and minimize unnecessary field visits

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