Augmented Reality for Utilities

Fieldbit augmented reality services helps utilities preserve the practical field services knowledge of their aging workforces by enabling full knowledge capture and sharing of expert-guided repair sessions.

Oil, Gas Power, Water, Telco Companies Challenge

As your workforce approaches retirement, you need ways to retain and transfer their knowledge to a new generation of employees and subcontractors. In most utilities (Oil, Gas Power, Water, Telco companies), it's common for field technicians to spend their entire career with a single company. As a result, the bulk of the knowledge and practical experience of servicing a wide variety of legacy equipment (often decades old) resides with employees who will soon be leaving the workforce. At the same time, recruiting engineers with the right skills and experience is becoming more difficult. Your field services organization needs knowledge management tools to help bridge these gaps.

Augmented Reality Field Service Solutions

Fieldbit is uniquely equipped to help utility companies overcome the challenges of an aging workforce by enabling complete knowledge capture of field service procedures. New field technicians unfamiliar with legacy equipment are guided remotely by experts or team leaders. All actions and information exchanged between experts and the field technician are recorded and stored within the system. This accumulated practical knowledge can then be shared and re-used across the organization. By automatically capturing and sharing information, utilities can preserve the knowledge of their veteran employees while streamlining on-the-job training processes.


  • On-the-job knowledge capture of service and repair processes
  • Streamline on-the-job training, shorten learning curves and reduce costs
  • Enhance safety in high voltage environments thru step-by-step guidance of less experienced technicians

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