Remote Assistance

Share know-how instantly with remote assistance

When something goes wrong on site, every hour of downtime is dollars down the drain. You need an expert with specific technical know-how, but it’s midnight, and the expert is three hours ahead. Who can you call to make the fix?

Expertise is hard to come by. And the skilled workers and experts are aging out or tough to find. Also, hiring experts is costly. Therefore, we need a technology to train workers to become the next generation of experts.

Augmented reality-supported remote assistance helps you reduce travels via remote inspection, improve safety, and solve problems with collaboration and in-house knowledge sources.

Collaboration platform with built-in ticketing system and online AR

  • Improve first-time fix
  • Reduce downtime / MTTR
  • Reduce service call duration
  • On-the-job knowledge capture
  • Shorten learning curve
  • Improve first-time-fix
  • On-the-job knowledge capture
  • Improve Remote Resolution Rate 
  • Avoid unnecessary site visits
  • Avid misdiagnosis
  • Accurate spare parts allocation 
  • Any operator can open a ticket
  • OneTouch operation on smart glasses
  • Request is sent to a group of experts 
  • Improve Remote Resolution Rate


Empowered by augmented reality visually-guided remote assistance and the Fieldbit knowledge platform, you can collaborate, retrieve and retain know-how from your co-workers, experts, or supervisors via messaging, video, and in-house sharing systems. 

Knowledge – anytime, anywhere.

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