Step-by-step Guidance Automation

With AR You’re Covered.
Every Step of the Way.

Guidance automation takes field technicians’ operational procedures to the next level. It’s a set of smart work instructions to boost performance, lower production costs, and improve safety.

Easy step-by-step, automated operational procedures:

  • Enriched standard operating procedures with video, AR, and annotated pictures
  • Authored by any user without code and shareable company-wide
  • Enhanced by compliance actions at each step to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled
  • Recordable procedures of any job activity for future use or training

Encourage your customers to perform basic service procedures and assure that the work is done with full compliance to standards.

Convert manual procedures to digital
formats on mobile devices and tablets

Convert manual procedures to digital
formats on mobile devices and tablets

Procedures for Compliance and Validation

  • Action items for compliance: Take picture, Enter data, Scan barcode, etc.
  • Generate compliance reports
  • Converting manual procedures to digital format on smart glasses and mobile devices

Why guidance automation?

Guidance automation allows field technicians to efficiently get the job done, and get it done right the first time. Step-by-step operational procedures provide workers with an easy to follow process regardless of their level of expertise or training. This results in faster response times, happier customers, improved productivity and transparent communications which are automated and synced with work procedures.