Aging Workforce

Saving and spreading the knowledge

Maintain knowledge in-house, so it doesn’t go anywhere when workers retire

The aging workforce is retiring and leaving businesses with empty holes to fill. An AR-supported knowledge management technology helps companies overcome the hurdles of losing experts, such as:

  • Hiring and training new unskilled workers to replace them
  • Retaining potentially lost knowledge via annotated videos, AR & remote collaboration

Sharing best practices and

Sharing best practices and

Gaining from a Wealth of Working Knowledge Resources
  • Shareable libraries to store knowledge items: Snippets, AR, videos with annotations, images and documents
  • Offline access to knowledge on mobile devices
  • Distribution of knowledge libraries to mobile users
  • Control access to knowledge items through sub-organizations and user groups
  • Self-service access or provided by an expert

Enterprise ROI Estimator

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