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What We Do

Fieldbit provides an enterprise grade, real-time platform that enables visual hands-free collaboration and information exchange among field service personnel, experts, customers and management using augmented reality and other technologies to industrial equipment manufacturers and enterprises using industrial machines.

Our solution enables customers to store and reuse the knowledge created during the service process, helping to maintain and easily spread practical knowledge across the organization.

Why We Do What We Do

We live in a dynamic and connected world. Most manufacturing operations today are driven by digital technologies, and users of production machinery expect 24x7 service availability with minimal (if any) machine down-time.

Equipment manufacturers and enterprises using industrial machines are looking for technologies and platforms that will enable them to service their customers better and faster. They understand that by increasing machine uptime, they can also increase customer satisfaction. Fieldbit believes that by harnessing cutting-edge technology to create, capture, and share knowledge across the service organization, it's possible to improve the way industrial machines are being serviced.

Based on our rich experience in developing innovative technologies for traditional industries, we've created a software platform designed to address the key problems plaguing field services. Fieldbit empowers your field technicians to get the job done right the first time, so you'll be able to improve first time fixes, maximize machine uptime and increase technician productivity.

How We Address Your Pain

The uptime of your customers' expensive machinery is critical to their business operations. When a fault is discovered, they expect it to be fixed on the first service call. But how can you ensure that the remote diagnosis is correct and that the technician sent to handle the problem knows how to fix it properly?

This is where Fieldbit comes in. We provide equipment manufacturers and users with an end-to-end collaboration platform for field services. Our innovative software enables remote experts to send precise visual instructions to field technicians using real-time augmented reality, live video, messaging and voice. Full support for smart glasses allows technicians to collaborate with experts, while both hands are free to work on complex machinery fixes. The system also enables call centers and technicians to remotely guide their customers, thus avoiding costly on-site visits.

In this way, Fieldbit increases remote resolution and first time fix rates, while minimizing costly downtime and enhancing customer satisfaction. All actions and information exchanged in a repair session are recorded and documented, helping organizations preserve practical knowledge and address the challenges of an aging workforce.

As more and more manufacturers deploy data-driven Industry 4.0 systems, information overload is becoming a major challenge for field services. By combining AR and smart glasses, Fieldbit allows technicians to streamline information at scale – giving them the right information about the right process or machine at the right time and place.

Our Leadership Team

Evyatar Meiron

Evyatar Meiron

A pioneer in SCADA software (acquired by PTC for $170M), co-founder of Hashavshevet. B.Sc. EE, Technion. MBA Kellogg-Recanati, Tel Aviv University.
Alex Rapoport

Alex Rapoport
VP Marketing

Senior sales and marketing manager with companies such as Axeda, Metrolight, Electronics Line and PowerSines. B.Sc. EE, Technion. MBA Manchester Business School.
Shay Solomon

Shay Solomon

Software team leader IBM XIV, R&D Lab Manager and a developer of embedded RT software solutions. B.Sc. EE & Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University

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