About Us

Fieldbit, a Help Lightning company, is an augmented reality-enabled platform known for its innovative knowledge. Fieldbit was created when the founders of Fieldbit saw an opportunity with AR technology and realized it could be applied to operations to empower technicians to do their jobs better, easier, faster. Now Fieldbit creates wide benefits for the companies it serves.

The augmented reality platform offers field service technicians rich, real-time information and guidance through interactive collaboration with experts and digital resources, enabling them to solve critical problems effectively and efficiently, thereby reducing the need for costly technician visits.

Our knowledge platform is the only AR platform powered by 5 different knowledge sources:

  • IIoT Real-Time Data
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Knowledge Bank
  • Operational Procedures
  • Enterprise Integration

What We Do

The augmented reality software drastically improves field services and generates cost savings in energy, printing, manufacturing, and other operations. Fieldbit’s AR knowledge platform increases your first-time-fix rates and prevents costly machine downtime.

Fieldbit enables customers to store and reuse the knowledge created during service maintenance and repair processing. The AR platform provides a faster, easier way for technicians to work using:

  • real-time IIoT information
  • remote assistance via interactive collaboration with experts and digital resources
  • practical knowledge across the organization